NuTouch are dedicated to promoting convenience and confidence by providing high quality razors, giving you the ability to be smooth and confident all year round.
Our superior quality blades and handles are designed to give you the closest, smoothest shave.
Free delivery within Australia and New Zealand for Gift Packs and Subscription refills.
Free delivery world wide for our Bundles.  
Delivery straight to your door ensures you will never be without razors again.
Our Goal
To provide people a premium shave without the premium cost.  
About Us  
It all started with a conversation in front of the garage. We were talking about the cost of razors and the chore of shaving, specifically how long we would use a razor for and how blunt we would let them get before changing them over. More often than not, the blades would get changed once the razor started to give us a rash or start nipping the skin, especially those sensitive areas. We thought we could do something about it and offer people another choice, and with that NuTouch was born.
The research began. We investigated the market and searched high and low for a product that would align with our goals and lifestyle.  After extensive testing and trialing, we landed on this superior product that delivered a premium quality shave and one that people would love to use because of the convenience, affordability and confidence it provides.
Premium quality does not have to come at a premium price
All too often we associate quality with a high price tag.  We wanted to create a premium brand without the premium price tag.  Based purely online, we don’t have any TV commercial advertising, sponsorship, shop frontages or radio campaigns. This means we can deliver premium products without impacting on the price. 
Quality service with no gimmicks
We pride ourselves on providing a quality service. We don’t have any hidden charges, contracts or delivery fees and you can cancel your subscription anytime.